Email marketing is using email platforms and servers for marketing purposes. This is one of the oldest and earliest forms of digital marketing. Email marketing was born as soon as or shortly after email systems became operable. It works by generating and collecting lists of client and lead email addresses. These emails can be collected willingly or through the help of third party agencies.

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Email marketing was the dominant digital marketing method in its heyday. Since then, email marketing has fallen out in favor for new methods and technologies. This occurred due to a longer chain between the business and the customer. Emails, in general, have also fallen out of use in the general population. Despite this, email marketing is seeing resurgence like never before. This is because of new techniques and methods to bring it in line with the present. Your business still stands to benefit a lot in the following ways from email marketing.

Lead Generation

Email signup lists are still some of the most effective ways of collecting email addresses and leads. Entering your email ID is a very simple process and most users complete it without any problems. You can build up large lists of potential leads with proper techniques.

You can target leads to suggest emails of their friends, relatives and acquaintances. In a very short time, your business can potentially have a wide lead network.

Versatility of Scalability

One of the major benefits of using emails in your marketing is its scalability. You can choose to scale it as big or as small as you want. The ball is entirely in your court for this matter.

You can target a global audience with the click of a button or scale down to a very specific local level. Both approaches have their own purpose and application. The good news is that this scalability does not require complex operations. All you need to do is set or remove filters and you will have a list of email leads. This is different from other marketing methods where scale changes can be difficult.

Higher Conversion

Email marketing often brings better lead conversion than other marketing strategies. However, it must be noted that this is only in relation natural and organic strategies. If you raise an organic list of interested leads, they are more likely to respond favorably. Such leads have signed up because they have an interest. If you tailor your emails for them and include calls to action, you will see better results.

Conversely, if you start sending irrelevant mass emails, you will see no traction.

Targeted Messages through Segmentation

Email lists can be easily segmented and categorized. Your business can easily divide and derive different categories from an email database. You can then proceed to market to each of these categories in specific ways. Delivering specialized content for different categories brings about greater success. It avoids the negative stereotype of junk mail and delivers relevant content.

This is one of the innovations in modern email marketing. The method of mass emails and hoping for conversions has largely gone the way of the dodo. Intelligent spam filters will also delete and remove such emails. Your content should be intelligently developed to bypass such filters.

Targeted emailing also gives you better insights on your customer groups. The information gained can better refine your other marketing and business activities.

No Barriers to Entry

Unlike other modern digital marketing methods, email marketing has little to no barriers to entry. You need only have a secure and robust email server and an email list. You can promptly get started on your email marketing efforts.

This ease of access means every business—big or small—can implement email marketing. You don’t need to spend a fortune in setup costs. Thus, email marketing has very low costs compared to other methods. This holds true even when your email marketing operations become more robust. Email operations are as old as the internet and considerably cheap by now.

Accurate Review Procedures

The simplicity and ease of email marketing extend to its analysis and review. It is very easy to trace and identify successful campaigns. You can identify immediately which email content and campaign is working well. This can be judged by which campaigns were more clicked on, scrolled through all the way, and which CTAs were clicked on. You can track sales or other actions easily.

This is different from other methods where result analysis can be time consuming and expensive.

Higher Return on Investment

With the right strategies in place, your business can see substantially higher ROI. This is because of the low costs of email marketing combined with the massive reach. With a small cost, you can reach very large audiences in a simple way.

The right strategies can capitalize on those many leads and a lot of sales can be generated. All the while, there is no corresponding increase in costs to achieve more sales. Your business can go in the green very quickly with the right email marketing policies.

Synchronized Marketing

You can use email marketing to complement and bolster other aspects of your marketing operations. All emails have links to a business’s various social media pages and websites. This is part of standard procedure for email marketing. You can thus direct traffic from your large email lists to other pages and sites of yours. This will provide better metrics across the board and drive customer engagement.

The Future is Bright

Email marketing is poised to get big boosts from artificial intelligence (AI). AI is promised to bring several changes in email marketing and broaden and deepen its capacity. You can thus use email marketing in better and refined ways. How does automized personalization sound? That is the future of email marketing with AI.


These benefits and many more are why you should not abandon email marketing. Sometimes, the answer lies not in getting rid of the old, but bringing peace between old and new. Email marketing with the best current techniques and methods can boost your business substantially.

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