Build Your Brand

Ask some potential customers to share their first impressions of your product, your website, your logo and packaging. You might be surprised. And it could all go back to branding.

Building On Your Brand

Your brand is your foundation—it’s the way the world perceives your company and the emotions it evokes. Branding involves everything from your look and image to your voice and tone. An effective brand strategy will showcase your true identity and separate you from the competition. We are experts in building, developing and leveraging your brand and have helped countless Minneapolis companies create and refine their identities. We specialize in everything from logo and packaging design to overall positioning and messaging.

Develop Your Brand

Good branding encourages not just new companies to try you out, but, more importantly, loyalty from your current customers. Your customers should build confidence in you with every interaction they have with your business. To start developing your brand, its first important to decide what you want your identity to be. Do you want to be edgy and fun loving? Do you want to be a feel-good, new age business? Deciding on your identity will help you develop the core values that will affect every branding decision you make. What’s important is that your identity is unique, so that it can stand out in a crowd.

Determine Your Target Market

A big part of branding is understanding who you are targeting with your marketing efforts. If you are a luxury service, then you don’t need to brand yourself as affordable or discount rate because you’re looking for customers who want to spend money on expensive things. From that target audience, what response or emotions are you looking to get? You can be edgy, you can be funny, or you can be youthful. This, too, will depend on the audience you’re trying to reach. A brand is the visual and emotional representation of your company’s identity and core values.

Bring it All Together

There is so much that goes into building an emotional response from customers. From how you communicate with them to how distinctive your visuals are. Just remember that every interaction is a chance to strengthen your brand. Your logo, design, and communications, should all reflect your brand. A serious, no-nonsense brand would not have comic sans as a font on their website, for example.

Let’s Talk About Your Brand

No matter the size of business, creating an engaging and identifiable brand is vitally important to achieving success. A company’s brand creates an emotional response and connection to the company, and expresses their culture and personality. In the Internet age, it’s getting more and more difficult to stand out in the masses, and you have no chance if you don’t develop and maintain a strong brand. Let’s discuss your brand, and how DigitalParc can help you define it. Contact us online or by calling 612-845-5590.

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