While it may seem like a simple task on the surface, creating, planning and  executing  an effective email marketing campaign that will drive quality leads to your business takes a lot of diligence to do right. If email campaigns aren’t conducted correctly, they can often lead to existing and potential customers losing trust in your business or even result in flags for violations of spam laws. Whether it is as serious as breaking CAN-SPAM Act laws, pushing content that is irrelevant to the user or even not asking permission to send the emails, it’s important to be aware of the risks before you begin to make a campaign that is beneficial to your business.

Here are some tips to get email marketing done right so you can attract new leads and gain opportunities for your business to grow.

Use A Platform

“I can gather a basic list of emails and send bulk emails with blind copy fields to do this on my own, right?” WRONG. Not only would that be extremely time consuming for anyone tasked with it, but your business also wouldn’t be getting to track and see the results of truly how effective a properly run email marketing campaign can be. Email Marketing Systems like MailChimp or ConstantContact are integral to the success you want to see.

Not only do these platforms provide a user-friendly way to create a vibrant and enticing message, they allow you to store various recipient lists, track campaign data and performance metrics and arguably most importantly — screens for compliance.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

The CAN-SPAM Act is the standard in the United States for federal email compliance laws that fight unwanted spam. When it comes to analysis of email lists and recipients, the Act fights messages that are unprompted solicitations, and these services can help understand if your email list is legitimate or likely to return high bounce rates. Promo emails are required to have the following to remain compliant with the anti-spam laws:

  • Clear “From” and “To” Lines
  • Clear, Accurate Subject Line
  • Physical Business Address
  • Easy to find “Unsubscribe” option
  • Ensure recipients have “opted-in” to receive your promotional email

Create Engaging, Enticing Emails

This is the most basic key to marketing via email efficiently. Be creative, engaging and make sure your business’s offering is well represented and something that your recipients would enjoy seeing and clicking on to go further. Think of custom branding on your templates, videos, high-quality images etc. When it comes to content, easily digestible content with other methods of conveying your message are paramount.

Work With A Digital Marketing Agency

Adding this task with all of this attention to detail and creative demand could be impossible for your business to add to a team member that already has their plate full. That’s where DigitalParc comes in. As a premier Digital Marketing agency, we work with successful email marketing campaigns every day. We handle all of the work mentioned above to tailor your campaign to fit the right audience. We even work with companies that assist in new audience creation and current audience curation.

If a new email marketing campaign is what your business needs, contact the email marketing experts at DigitalParc today.