Internet marketing comprises different Internet models that you can use and convert them into a full-time occupation. Here are the six most important Internet marketing models that you must know about:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission through the promotion of products and services. That is, you get a share of each sale made through your links.

Affiliate marketing works on the basis of revenue sharing. Businesses often have affiliate programs through which they supply financial incentives to Internet marketers for promoting their goods and services. So even if you have no products or services of your own, you need not worry. Just look out for an affiliate program that resonates with you and provides lucrative terms.

To start affiliate marketing, you can start a review blog that provides details of the goods and services that you intend to promote. The idea is to educate people about these products so that they can make an informed purchase decision through your links.


Ecommerce might sound quite advanced to the uninitiated but the truth is that it has much in common with conventional retail. That being said, there are important technological differences that pose their own unique set of costs and benefits.

The most obvious advantage of ecommerce is that you do not need to be present at a physical store where you must welcome and serve customers. Customers can visit your online store from the comfort of their homes. This is what makes it so attractive for busy consumers. You can, thus, target a much wider geographical area by running your very own ecommerce platform.

However, the ecommerce sphere is very competitive with big players like Amazon and Walmart. You will need a robust content strategy and ad campaign to start driving organic traffic to your ecommerce platform.

To draw and engage customers, you should carry out comprehensive product reviews, provide full product details and use a secure payment mechanism.

Local Business Consulting

If you have SEO knowledge and can carry out keyword research to take small businesses to the top of Google search results, you can become an online business consultant. With solid and highly informative content, you can help local businesses to rank higher and get more clients.

There is a strong demand for such consultants because many local business owners have neither the time nor knowledge to market their businesses online. Even if they are aware of Internet marketing principals, they cannot take time out from their core business activities to indulge in online marketing.

This is where you come in. Not only do you have the skills, knowledge and expertise in online promotion, you are more than willing to put in the immense effort that will take your clients’ websites to the top of search results.

As an online business consultant, you are offering a superlative value proposition since ranking at the top inevitably leads to more customers and revenue.


If you have a strong skillset like coding, writing or designing, you can sell your services on numerous gig platforms to earn money online. Many people turn to freelancing for earning extra money and even doing it full-time, especially if they need to work from home like mothers with young children for instance.

If you are an experienced software developer, programmer or website developer, you can expect good pay. However, due to immense competition for designing and writing, you will have to make do with less pay for quite a while. You will need to work your way up and establish a stellar reputation before you can start earning lucrative amounts in these fields.

Freelancing gives you plenty of freedom, but it is not going to be a cakewalk considering that many people are now already clamoring for online gigs due to COVID-19.

With determination and a combination of smart and hard work, you will likely get there.

Mobile Apps

If you have coding skills, you can put them to good use by creating mobile apps. People are now increasingly using smartphones in lieu of laptops and PCs, thanks to their immense convenience and versatility. In fact, people now expect smartphones to do everything that computers can. This opens up endless possibilities for independent and small developers.

You can design and sell mobile apps for both Android and Apple. Without a doubt, competition on these two fronts is intense and it might take you plenty of time and effort to make it to the top.

Even if you cannot make it to the top, you need not worry. The apps that you develop can serve as a portfolio of what you can do. This will be very helpful for getting you a job if you cannot make enough through mobile apps.

Besides Apple and Android stores, you can visit online gig platforms to create custom mobile apps for online employers willing to pay big.

Information Products

If you have good financial skills, investment skills, technical knowledge or any other expertise, why not create information products to capitalize on your knowledge?

You can showcase your portfolio and promote your expertise to draw people to your information products that will include e-books and videos.

You can design online courses based around health, personal development, Internet marketing and several other areas that have high demand and interest.

There are so many Internet marketing models to choose from – including inbound marketing – that purvey endless possibilities, no matter what your skill set. All you need is determination, drive and a willingness to learn to make it work for you. You too can become a savvy Internet marketer by working smart and hard towards success.