Google is making changes again, and it’s time to announce another significant “Broad Core” update.

As you may know, Google makes subtle updates to its search algorithm multiple times per day every single day of the year, but from time to time it releases much more impactful and significant broad core updates. On August 22, Google released such an update, the second broad core update of 2023.

Early Fast Facts:

While SEO professionals are still learning about the update and what it has in store for websites a few days into its rollout, here’s what we know now:

  • It began on August 22, 2023.
  • It will take roughly two weeks to roll out completely.
  • It is affecting all types of content on the web.
  • It is intended to reward well-designed and properly optimized websites with valuable content.

While this update doesn’t come with a specific focus for improving the search experience, it will have the ability to create volatility — both positive and negative — surrounding website keyword rankings. Since this larger update is intended to fundamentally improve the entire Google Search experience, there will likely be fluctuations in each website’s search performance. To be clear, pages that experience prolonged drops in ranking are NOT being penalized, rather sites that weren’t taken fully into account since the last broad core update are now being recognized. In short, if your pages lose ranking, it may not be because anything is wrong, but more a reshuffling of helpful content across the web.

How DigitalParc Can Help

DigitalParc has experienced every Broad Core update Google has thrown our clients way since 2010 and taken each website we work with to heart to improve dropped rankings, stabilize volatile ones and maintain great rankings. As this core update begins to make an impact for every website regardless of industry across the web, our team is continually learning more and evaluating ways to pivot for sites that were negatively affected.

Your company needs digital marketing partners that are on top of the ever-changing landscape of the internet. Driving new traffic, new leads and eventually new customers is our top focus, to bring real results to your business. Contact DigitalParc to get an SEO evaluation and help your business stay well positioned through the next Google Algorithm Updates.