Before implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) project, it is important that you understand the process required to achieve results. Here you can learn about the strategies used to manage an effective SEO campaign.

Initial Site Audit

We will review the current performance of your site, identify any issues that need to be repaired and develop a plan to manage all of our SEO efforts in the future.

Technical Site Audit

Our team of developers will identify and resolve potential threats to the technical areas of your website. We will ensure that search engine robots can effectively crawl and index your various pages.

Keyword Research

We will research and pursue the keywords that your potential clients are searching for on Google. Our keyword identification process allows us to understand the opinions, concerns and needs of your target market.

Onsite Quality Review

In order to guarantee your website components are search engine friendly, we will review the effectiveness of all onsite content, including your service & product pages, onsite navigation, blog articles, user-friendliness, and more.

Backlink Analysis

Websites with quality backlinks will rank higher on the major search engines. To improve your backlink profile, we will find blogs within your industry that have dedicated audiences and post carefully written articles with links back to your website.

Competitor Analysis

We will track and analyze the SEO success of your competitors by finding and analyzing links to their website(s) and recreating their link profile. This will enhance both your online visibility and your search engine positioning.

Local SEO Management

Our team will set up and manage your search engine local listings. The purpose of your local listing is to distribute accurate business information to the local population, especially your local target audience.

Conversion Optimization

We will identify your site’s conversion issues and create a plan to improve your site and achieve your conversion objectives. This results in a neat appearance, targeted messaging and an improved structure with a clear path for your visitors to follow.


Whether you have a small or large business, our team will provide regular reports detailing your site’s overall performance, including your traffic and your search engine rankings via comprehensive analytics.

In addition to the specific SEO tasks listed above, our crew of SEO, Internet marketing and web design professionals will manage any unexpected occurrences that might pose a threat to the health of your website. You can rest easy knowing that your site and your online reputation is in good hands. Click here to learn about the Minnesota search engine optimization services offered by DigitalParc.

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