As a website design professional, search engine optimization (SEO) is an element that you regularly have in running through your mind as you construct websites, publish content and develop brands for yourself or your clients. There is no shortage of analytical tools in existence that accumulate data and analyze metrics for your website. Keeping track of so much information from numerous sources can be overwhelming to say the least.

If you manage multiple websites or you simply wish to check your own site’s metrics, SEOquake has built an extension to assist you. Compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, the extension will give you a detailed look at a sites’ latest analytics from several of the industry’s most recognized ranking and metric resources. You can view information sourced from SEMrush, Bing, Alexa rank, and Google. You can acquire information relating to your social media presence as well.

SEOquake can generate a detailed website SEO audit, giving you the information needed to diagnose problems that will threaten your search engine presence. A comparison tool is also available. This will give you a very useful side-by-side snapshot of how well your site is optimized vs. its competition. This information can then be exported via a .csv file.