It is an advertiser’s worst nightmare. A customer visits your website, browses products, reads online reviews, and they are mere seconds away from clicking the purchase button or giving you a call for a service consultation. Suddenly, the potential buyer leaves the page for some unknown reason. Maybe the got a phone call and had to leave the house in a hurry, or maybe they forgot to plug in the laptop to charge. Whatever the reason, your customer that has interacted with your marketing and your website is now floating in the wind from a buying perspective. There is a chance that they may come back to your site later, but once a customer’s eyes leave your page, your chance of getting a conversion falls substantially.

Luckily, there is now a way to give your potential customers reminders of your product or service after they have left your site. This is accomplished through the use of Google remarketing tags. The process for creating the tags is simple. A small section of code will be placed on various pages of your website. Once a user visits this page, they can be added to the remarketing list for specific terms, and they are accessible to you outside of your website. There are three highly effective ways to utilize this marketing tactic and bring back the wayward sheep of your customer flock.

Remarketing for Paid Advertising

The first Google remarketing method is utilized through PPC advertising. You can create a customized campaign for those who are on your remarketing list. You have the option to choose which keywords you want your ad to display for. If you have an individual who visited your site and viewed the “Televisions” page, you can then make sure that your ads appear the next time they search Google for “TV or Television”. Also, you can customize your PPC advertising bid for those on your remarketing list, meaning that you can bid higher amounts for those valuable potential customers.

Remarketing on Google’s Display Network

If you want to make an impression outside of your website and the Google search section, you also have the option to remarket on the Google display network. Your ad will have the potential to show on specific Google partner websites when a remarketing customer reaches their page. If you have a remarketing set for any ski-related terms, you can make your ski ads appear on Aspen vacation websites and provide a complimentary item to what the partner website has to offer.

Dynamic Remarketing

If you want to create a highly personalized advertisement that will appeal to a very specific customer group, you can participate in dynamic remarketing. This process allows you to tailor a custom ad that can display specific products or prices, and certain calls to action for a potential customer that may have put an item in their cart or compared specific products. This approach can be very useful for bringing back a customer who was previously on the fence. However, this type of remarketing should be used sparingly and intelligently.

Remarketing on Google can be a great tool in the utility belt of any savvy marketer. The key is to make sure that your message is consistent across all mediums, and you present your product in an inviting way without becoming overbearing. Good luck in your marketing efforts and thanks for reading!

-By Evan Wright