At present, there are almost 3.5 billion users on social media from around the world. This figure represents an increase of 9% from the last year. According to recent statistics, 45% of the global population maintains a presence on social media. With social media, even though businesses have a better opportunity to reach a broader audience, social media marketing is a different ball game altogether. This is why 32% of businesses refer to social media as the most difficult marketing channel. However, with some tips and tricks on social media marketing, you can increase your following instantly and gain brand recognition.

Gain Traffic via Organic Methods

Recently, Instagram is considering disabling likes from the public count and test its correlation on the user experience. The social media giant believes that they need to “depressurize” their platform. Rather than turning it into a fiercely competitive platform, they want people to have a breathing space. In this way, they can concentrate more on connecting with people that inspire them.

Furthermore, without likes, people would be unable to use the money to commit fraud and purchase likes. Two years ago, a study revealed that 64% of influencers confessed that they bought likes. This means that going into 2020, businesses should think twice before acquiring likes via money. As social media platforms aim to place a higher emphasis on quality over quantity, brands should use this opportunity to build effective and eye-catching copy—one that can compels the buyers to think and ponder and brings them closer to your brand.

Diversify Your Marketing on More Platforms

Emma Franks—Senior Account Manager—believes that diversification is going to be a dominating trend in social media, particularly from the advertising perspective. It allows businesses to benefit from risk mitigation by becoming less dependent on major platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Franks explained that Facebook’s glorious days are a thing of the past. The younger demographics prefer Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. This means that you have a chance to make use of these smaller networks along with Quora and Reddit. With these platforms, you don’t only face considerably lower competition, but you also save yourself from paying exorbitant prices for marketing campaigns.

Meanwhile, some experts opine that the organic reach on TikTok is greater than the organic reach on Facebook. Thus, the use of targeted content with frequent testing on TikTok can reap impressive rewards. Despite having a relatively new ad platform, TikTok offers a terrific ROI.

Unlike TikTok, Reddit is not a new player. But, many companies have strayed away from marketing on Reddit. This is because marketers find it intimidating and difficult. So, why should you enter this tricky territory?

Well, because the number of consumers who use Reddit is increasing at a staggering rate. When these users see a brand on Reddit, they often view it as credible. With 32% of Americans using the platform each month and 430 million monthly active users, you need to consider investing your marketing budget on Reddi.

Incorporate Video to Attract More Users

Those who use videos for marketing grow revenue 49% quicker than their non-video counterparts. Without videos, your social advertising campaigns in 2020 would remain bland, incomplete and soulless. Videos are simply more attention-grabbing and engaging when compared to other marketing channels.

In addition, videos are also an effective tool to target your market on Facebook. Facebook allows you to create an engagement Custom Audience. This audience comprises users who watched a specific number of your videos. Facebook also has a Lookalike Audience feature, through which you can find users who might be interested in your videos.

For starters, you can use the lightweight and easy-to-use tools provided by Facebook to create a video. After gaining some experience and getting a taste of success, you can move to high-quality and advanced video campaigns.

Pro tip: Try to use captions in your videos. Many users cannot turn on the volume while watching a video due to their personal circumstances. Hence, it is better to give both options.

Provide Customer Service

Early adopters of social media marketing succeeded when they used social media to provide a rich experience to consumers. Brands like Dominos facilitated their customers and encouraged them to order by tagging their online profiles. These customers used contemporary digital media elements such as the pizza slice emoji to launch their pizza orders.

In the last year, 28% of customers used social media as a communication medium to converse with a brand. Customers believe that communicating with companies on social media is convenient, especially as they can avail 24-hour services. However, this also translates to higher expectations. More than 37% of the users want a response to their query within 30 minutes. Moreover, 31% of users want a response in two hours, while 26% want it within four hours.

All of this indicates that businesses should not take social media for granted as a customer service tool. They have to maintain more active social accounts. Make sure that you are always active on your brand’s social media pages to interact and communicate with your audience. More importantly, resolve their issues in a timely manner. Answering these complaints properly can turn angry clients into loyal clients.

Lately, the online marketing landscape has been overcrowded. Embracing these social media opportunities in 2020 can form a higher number of genuine connections for your brand and can lead to greater marketing success.

Just remember that once you promote your business on social media, you will have to constantly adapt your marketing strategy to keep up with the increasing demand. To know more about social media marketing and how you can use it to enhance sales and improve brand trust, get in touch with us!