The unfortunate truth is that many online marketers are not making any profits, and as more individuals and big companies join the fray, the competition is becoming more cutthroat and novices are finding it harder to stay afloat. Nevertheless, there is a wealth of information on how to succeed in online marketing. If you are constantly searching for new ideas, you may have learned about “opt in” lists. An opt in list is a list of prospects and customers who have joined your email list by signing up using their names or email addresses. If you don’t know how to build a profitable opt in list, however, you won’t be generating nearly as many leads as you could be.

When you build up your subscriber list, you stand a better chance of generating more revenue. Here are four proven methods on how to build a profitable opt in list:

Aim at getting your customers to trust you first.

Simply launching an opt-in list will not suddenly make you a believable seller. You will need to do more. To start, publish articles and other content before you begin building your opt-in list. Write about a topic that you are knowledgeable with. You could begin by publishing your work in online forums to gauge the needs and wants of your customers. Then target those specific areas.

Focus on providing expert advice and recommendations.

Once you feel that you can earn the trust of users, create an opt-in list option and build a base on the forum users. Invite them to join your list. Do not neglect your friends. They can be your first customers, so meet with as many of them face-to-face and tell them what your business is about. Remember that you will only start seeing returns if customers and subscribers trust you.

Create useful products, not just hype.

There is a misconception that online marketing is primarily about creating hype. While this may work at times, your most important responsibility is to make sure that your customers will find your product or service useful. You need to conduct research on the preferences of buyers so that you can tailor your goods to address these needs. This way, you will be build trust. It is not about what you think will be interesting to your potential customers. Let your production be guided by qualitative research.

Build relationships with other opt-in list users.

Find online marketers who have been successful doing this and learn from them. Why repeat the mistakes that have been made by others? Experience is the best teacher, but you do not have to make mistakes to learn.

Nothing is more important than getting a firsthand account from someone you can trust. Experienced opt-in users will advise you on what to do and how to navigate various obstacles. This can be very helpful, especially when you are starting out.