It’s easy to start a digital marketing campaign with specific goals in mind, but as trends change, your goals and strategies should adapt. By making just a few changes, you can achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) than ever before. Use our digital marketing playbook below to increase your online traffic and revenue in 2020.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is almost as old as the Internet itself. It has been around since email servers came online. While email marketing has been superseded by other methods, it still remains relevant. Read on to learn what you need to do to launch your email marketing campaign.

email marketing

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Choose an Online Email Provider

Having a trustworthy server to handle your email operations is very important. The most important element are security and speed. Your email server should be one that never goes down and can protect the integrity of your clients. There are many high quality providers to choose from.

A/B Test Your Emails

A/B testing is a method of determining which email campaign works best. You will send slightly different emails to subsets in your email list. In the end, the emails that generate the most leads will be adopted for the real campaign rollout.

Create a Branded Email Template

If you want your email to stand out, it needs personality. How can you achieve personality in writing? With a branded template, of course! It will set your email apart and make receivers likely to skim through instead of deleting it.

Drop Campaigns for Acquisition and Education

Developing email campaigns is very important. You will need to work on them in two steps. First, you must educate your email contacts on your business and what if offers. Second, you must attempt to acquire and generate leads by attracting readers. Campaigns will have to be periodically launched to ensure greater traction.

Segment and Create Lists

One common mistake in email marketing is sending mass emails. They have no variation or stylization in content. This lack of originality is a major turnoff for most people and they'll end up putting these emails in the trash. You need to segment and specialize your email lists. Your content will have to be tailored for every different list.

Lead Generation

Generating leads is arguably the first goal for any digital marketing endeavor. Leads are potential clients who can be turned into customers. Everything in marketing is done to acquire leads and turn them into customers.

lead generation

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Use Feedburner to Capture and Track RSS Readers

Feedburner is among the earliest tools developed for web feed management. It helps in developing RSS feeds and keeping track of subscribers. Targeting subscribers can lead to greater chances of acquiring leads that become customers.

Build Your Email List

You can use a variety of techniques and methods to develop an email list. An email list can prove particularly handy just before launching a project. You can deliver exclusive information or offers that attract leads. A large email list will help to organically market your project.

Give Something Away in Exchange for Customer Data

Customer data privacy is a very hot issue today. Legal agencies are increasingly clamping down on how much data businesses can access. You can develop various benefit programs in order to get people to sign up and share their data with you.

Answer Questions on Linkedin and Quora

Part of digital marketing includes establishing an online presence. This online identity needs to be on more than just social media platforms. Linkedin and Quora are great places to form natural professional links. Answering questions helps you engage with the community. Engagement grants you access to a higher class of contacts than social media.

Organic (SEO/SEM)

Search engine optimization and management are some of the earliest digital marketing techniques. They came out with a bang, experienced a period of irrelevance and are back stronger than ever. SEO/SEM is related to online searches and how your website ranks in them. Here is how you should get started.


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Set up Webmaster Tools

This is Google’s official application for website indexing and crawling. It allows you to see and change how your website appears on Google. It helps to pinpoint and fix any issues in reading your website.

Architect Your Site for Search

Your website design should be built with a consideration to search functionality. It should be easy to navigate and browse for the viewer. It should be coded correctly so that relevant sections show up on Internet searches.

Use SEO MOZ Campaigns to Track Search Progress

A strong SEO campaign can give you instant results and feedback. You cannot continue SEO activities without constant review and analysis. Neglecting to review and change can lead to your SEO rankings collapsing. You can perform such analytics with MOZ. Always ensure you have a subscription so you can track and analyze your SEO at any time.

Do Lots of Link Building!

Embed links organically and naturally wherever you can. Your website content should include a number of both internal and external links. This is because links lead to more views and interest (which leads to sales).

Research and Define Your Core Organic Keywords

SEO is built on the concept of keywords. These are what people search for online. Target keywords and code them throughout your website to capture your intended audience. Better keywords lead to better SEO rankings.

Conversion Optimization

CRO is turning your leads and visitors into action takers. These actions don’t necessarily have to be sales. They can be any wanted action like promoting your content or subscribing.

conversion optimization

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A/B Test Your Landing Page

Your landing page is the first major page that visitors will arrive at. You need to test variations to see which compel the highest people towards your main website.

Use Feedback Widgets & Live Chat for User Insight

These tools will allow you to engage with visitors in real time. You can engage more authentically and deeply with viewers. They will be able to better explain their queries. This is much like conversing with the store manager or staff. Such conversations leave visitors with better impressions. In the end, they will likely take the action you desire.

A Single Purpose and CTA (Call to Action) for Every Page

A well-defined and purposeful CTA on every page brings urgency. It promotes action in visitors who will likely take the step your CTA promotes. Ensure you have a direct CTA (that is not aggressive) in every piece of your content.

Segment Inbound Traffic Sources

This basically means categorizing where your visitors are coming from. Are they coming from email links or social media platforms or directly to the website? This helps to determine the most and least effective channels.

Try a 5-Second Test

This test aims to judge your website for user clarity and simplicity. Is the information simple or does it overload the viewers? You can figure all that and more with this test. The more simple and attractive your website, the more conversions you will have.

Rate Your Pages with the Conversion Scorecard

These are easy and quick questionnaires about your landing pages. You can gain valuable insight from visitors and work on your pages depending on the feedback.


With marketing technologies evolving, it has become increasingly important for businesses to learn how to use their data wisely. Today's digital marketing operations are entirely reliant on analytics, which refers to the review and analysis of marketing efforts. They are the only means to tangibly judge the effective of your marketing.


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Setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely-used analysis tool. Google Analytics can show you the ROI on your marketing schemes. It helps you to keep track of various statistics and figures.

Establish Conversion Goals and Funnels

A thorough review can’t be done without goals to measure your success by. You need to implement realistic targets for your digital marketing efforts. Put conversion funnels in place to move leads to final customers.

Annotate Important Events in Google Analytics

Annotating important events can help to keep track of outliers. You can annotate events and periods that are likely to see increase or decrease in sales. This can help to make better sense of unusual periods in your normal review process.

Create Custom Dashboard Reports

Dashboard reports are actively updating in real time. They provide constant feedback and review loops on a minute-to-minute basis. This can help to amend various aspects on the fly for immediate effect.

Discover Underperforming Areas of Your Site

To improve and fix deficiencies in your website, you first need to identify them. Google analytics can help you to see what pages get less views, which are spent less time on and more. Optimizing these underperforming pages can lead to more hits and clicks.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay per click is akin to newspaper marketing. You will have to pay online agencies and servers for every time their visitors click on you links.

pay per click

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Get Some Help from a PPC Expert

Making sense of PPC can be difficult. Thorough analysis is required for you to get the results you intend. Get the help of an expert to determine the most valuable places with high conversion traffic.

One Landing Page per AD Group

Have one specific landing page for every ad campaign. This ensures cohesiveness and a better call to action. A variety of diverse users will be funneled to one landing page. You can track better results with one page. Make sure to send traffic to that landing page from many sources.

Create a Google Ads Account

Google Ads is Google’s premier online advertising service. It allows you to gain access to a large community of users and various tools for your digital marketing needs.

Content Marketing

Content is Still King! That goes the saying for digital marketing. Content helps to keep your audience engaged. Without content, even the best-designed website fades into irrelevance.

Content Marketing

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Write About Others and Build Relationships

Networking is an important part of digital marketing. It allows you to build relationships which can naturally boost and pull each other up. If you promote your partner and they promote your business in return, both businesses will benefit.

Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs

This step will establish your existence to other markets and viewers. It can be the case that people become segmented in online communities. Branching out once in a while can allow you to tap new audiences.

Develop Natural Content

Content like eBooks, vlogs and blogs can go a long way in generating online conversations. These materials can click with a large population and trend all over social media. They provide a continuous stream of content for your audience to engage with. An engaged audience is likely to have higher conversions.

Enable Social Sharing Mechanisms

Your website and content should be optimized for social sharing. Viewers should be able to conveniently share them across a wide variety of platforms. Aid this process by submitting your content to social hubs and have them feature it.

Social Media Marketing

Lastly, any mention of digital marketing is incomplete without mentioning social media marketing. Social media marketing has already become the main player in the digital marketing arena. Here is what you need to do:

social media marketing

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Claim Your Brand Name

It is necessary to protect your IP and brand name. There are countless fakes who will be happy to cash off your brand. Protecting your brand name is the first step in establishing your social media presence.

Set up Accounts

Set up accounts across all social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels will ensure that you reach the widest possible audience. You will capture a variety of audiences with accounts on all sites.

Develop Content

Each social media site has its own style of content. You will need to develop content which is tailored to every site and complements its user base. Lazy marketing will be spotted a mile away and ridiculed instantly.

Attract Follows, Fans and Subscribers

Lastly, your social media accounts will need to gather followers. Fans and followers of your brand and your content will generate activity for your accounts and help to keep them alive. They will be the primary agents that will help you cast a wider net.


Following the above guide, you too can start your digital marketing operations today. Never regret entering late because with the right cards, you can find overnight success in the online arena. Ensure you have strong fundamentals in place and you will find yourself with a good online presence very soon.

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