Google Adwords pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns must be composed using the right strategy. Marketers must take into consideration everything from the finding the right keywords to using the appropriate content to match it. If done correctly, your return on investment (ROI) from PPC can be massive. For example, you could end up paying $3 for a single click and end up generating $300 in revenue from that particular consumer. However, if you are not thorough during every step of the way when establishing your campaign, it can be easy to drain your budget without generating leads or sales. Here are five common reasons why you are losing money on your Google Adwords campaign.

You are focusing on the wrong things

The number one factor you should be focusing on when launching your advertisements is sales and profit, not the number of visits to your site. When your ad drives a lot of clicks, the cost of each click goes up. If your site is not converting, then you will find yourself losing money quickly. We recommend bidding on keywords that are not as competitive but still inspire buying habits.

Keywords and content do not match

When you prepare your content for the ad, the content must be consistent with the keywords that you bid on. When Google assesses your ad, it gives it a quality score. The higher the score, the less you will have to spend on bids. If you hastily create your ads, you will get charged more per click for having a lower score. Conversely, ads with poor content are not going to convert, which will cost you more money.

You do not use proper keyword matching

Google supplies you with a broad matching program in its keyword planner. This tool will give you an idea on what keywords to pursue, but you should not trust it completely. Dig a little deeper to come up with more conclusive data to match the buyer’s intention. If you take a very limited approach to your keyword research, you could lose a lot of money. Google has more specific features to help you learn more about the buying intention of your audience, including its Exact Match, Phrase Match, and Negative Keywords options.

You leave your bidding strategy unmanaged

Starting an Adwords campaign without any strategic planning will probably get you nowhere. Not only should you plan extensively before you launch a campaign; you should constantly manage your process and make sure that you are not spending too much. It is helpful to monitor what keywords are driving the most profitable sales and comparing them to what keywords are driving the most visitors. It is all about finding the customers who are the most likely to convert.

You leave your campaign unsupervised

There are ways to improve upon your campaigns after they have launched. You do not have to stick to your original terms. You can make your ad target a specific region. This may cost more money immediately, but if changing your radius leads into more conversions, it will be well worth it. If you end up spending more money than you planned, make sure it was intentional. Do not simply let your funds drain away through ineffective marketing.

There you have it! Make sure you implement the right strategy and pay close attention to the progress of your campaign. It takes a lot of work to run a successful PPC campaign, but if managed correctly, you might see a massive generation in revenue. If you are intrigued by the prospect of lead generation and higher conversion rates through PPC, contact DigitalParc and learn about our PPC advertising solutions. We have been selected as one of the Top PPC Management Agencies In Minnesota by DesignRush.