Creating an effective mobile experience is a bigger challenge for designers. There’s not as much room to convey your product features or brand message as a regular site. You have to deal with decreasing attention spans, and you have more limitations in how you control the interface. Despite the obstacles in the way of the designer, you can prevail by delivering the best experience to your users. Here are some tips on how to give the user what they’re looking for.

Let users figure it out

A lot of companies set out to make sure that the user has a clear understanding of the functionality of mobile site or app by providing tutorials. With a rising need of instant gratification, it’s best to let your users get started before they become disinterested. Provide light guidance to help them get started, but mostly rely on the functionality and responsiveness of your design so that users can accomplish what they set out to do. If there’s considerable confusion regarding the interface, you’ll have to make changes.

Gather user data

While it might seem helpful to emulate similar features and experiences delivered to the user on other mobile sites and apps, you should first seek the opinions of your users before you make changes. You might think you’re improving your site, but your users, whose opinions matter the most, might see it differently. Look for what your users want improved by gathering as much qualitative data as possible.

Impress users before conversions

Making a customer conversion easy is one thing, but in order to really inspire buying behavior, you have to impress the user that conveys the message of your site or showcases your products in a very unique way. A responsive, superiorly designed site will make users become frequent users and repeat customers. Establishing good retention will set you up for success for years to come.

Make it responsive

We talked about how advancements in technology have resulted in diminishing attention spans. This particularly rings true with mobile users. People expect apps to be as fast or even faster than a full website. If your app is constantly unreliable, your users won’t come back.

You get out of your app what you put into it. Take these tips into account and get to work, or hire an experienced web design company that can design and develop an app that drives conversions again and again.