Having a reliable web hosting company is one of the most important things for your business and website. Ensuring your site is up and running without issues is the very first step to your website making a difference in your marketing portfolio and presenting your business online. Learn more about web hosting below and why hosting your site with DigitalParc has benefits that are more than meets the eye.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is is simply where your website is stored online to be accessed by the public. Web hosting companies take your website design and website files and publish them on the internet, broadly showcasing your site to anyone on the internet.

Web hosting companies have supplies of servers and other options for hosting plans that ensure your site is up and running regularly. The web hosting experts perform server maintenance and observation for speed and performance, as well as monitor any potential hackers and security issues with the site, as well as accurate storage of files, email databases, and other assets.

Web Hosting Services

At DigitalParc, being a full-service digital marketing company, we encourage all of our clients to host their website with us. Why? It’s a way to holistically tie everything together to ensure we have control and can move quickly when making changes, or occasionally when problems arise. If your site is hosted with DigitalParc, we can manage your site’s security, email databases, as well as other digital marketing tasks.

The biggest benefit of hosting a website with DigitalParc is the seamless shift from mockup and design of a new site to end up being live and published. Often, when designing websites, it can be a clunky and time-consuming process to launch a site not hosted with DigitalParc. Also, when changes are made or there are security issues, our team may not have access to quickly pivot and solve issues before they become widespread.

Keeping a digital marketing strategy all in one place can be beneficial, especially with a company like DigitalParc that has our finger right on the pulse of each business we work with, to easily make changes and take action when needed.

If you need a new web hosting company, reach out to DigitalParc to see how we can help you!