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Having a digital marketing partner that is local that understands your unique situation as a successful business in Stillwater. Our local SEO company is prepared to work side-by-side with your business to improve your business’s online presence across the web. You may know that it’s important for your site to have a distinguished presence online, but just don’t know how to get there. DigitalParc is ready to work with you to help your business start ranking on Google, directing new, organic traffic and eventually driving conversions into leads for your site. We will help create a unique SEO strategy to execute on improving this online presence. We want to help your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) so your business can keep up with your peers.

By now you understand that to drive new traffic and customers to your business, it involves a robust effort in the digital marketplace. Increasingly, this is where people are discovering goods and services and if your business isn’t part of that, it’s being left behind. You may have already even had a bad experience or work with a large agency that has remained stagnant and hasn’t improved your site’s results or SEO strategy over time. That’s where DigitalParc is ready to step in and help your business achieve its growth goals.

We would start by engaging in deep keyword, competitor and industry research. By analyzing your business and the content that is integral to it, we can develop a keyword tracking strategy to understand what we need to be focusing on when optimizing your site. In addition, we would research into your competitors to understand if there is anything they are doing that is working well and driving a lot of traffic their way. Additionally, we would do more industry research to find more keywords that may not be apparent from the onset to make sure we aren’t missing potential customers in the optimization process.

While this search engine optimization may seem like a one-time, set it and forget it-type task, it could not be further from that. Over time, Google goes through both significant and minor updates. In fact, Google’s algorithm goes through multiple updates every single day. Additionally, browsers update, hardware changes and most importantly, user behavior changes. SEO is an ongoing process to make sure your site is continually on the cutting edge with users and search engines and you’re not losing potential customers.

If you leave your business’s SEO as an afterthought, you could be losing traffic and customers. Get started with SEO services today and keep up with your competition.

About Stillwater, MN

Minnesota’s oldest city, Stillwater is situated right on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin just 25 miles east of Minneapolis. Stillwater is uniquely accessible to many different areas of the Twin Cities metro area, especially the east side and much of western Wisconsin.

From the neighboring towns of Bayport to the South and Oak Park Heights to the West, Stillwater has some of the metro’s major thoroughfares pass through it’s city. Most notably, MN Highway 36 crosses the new river crossing bridge just south of downtown, which turns into Wisconsin Highway 63 once it gets to the other side of the St. Croix River. MN-95 runs through the heart of downtown Stillwater along Main Street from the north and south as well.

If your business is anywhere around Stillwater, including in the heart of downtown or along the MN-36 corridor, consider joining the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce to network with fellow local businesses

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