Digital marketing is a perpetually changing industry, twisting and turning based on the success of particular campaigns, and evolving on a technical and social dynamic. Each year, industry analysts try to predict trends that will take over this year, and while they truly have no idea to expect, 2016 left us with some key indicators to determine what will drive digital marketing this year. Here are some of the trends and methods we expect will increase in popularity in 2017.

Advertising to Specialized Groups

The saturation in advertising has become inescapable thanks to all of the mediums marketers can advertise through new media. Because of this, marketers must have to appeal to a specific group of people with a particularly focused topic. This will drive marketers to create content that relates to the desired demographic more than ever, rather than going into “wait and see” mode based on metrics.

A Boost in Augmented Reality

Augmented reality gives consumers a better taste of what it would it be like to have a specific product in their life by immersing them in it virtually. The rise of virtual reality apps shows a positive outlook for this as a means to market to consumers in 2017. For example, the company Wayfair, which sells home goods, is showcasing how a product would look in a living room through VR technology.

More Native Marketing

With all of today’s new media and options to advertise, native marketing – also referred to as promoted advertising – may end up yielding positive results for those who choose to use it. Users tend to avoid the glutton of ads on a day-to-day basis by installing ad-blocking software. By using more natural content, you may be able to slip through the cracks and reach those who are trying to escape.

Dense Content

New technology seems to make us more impulsive and less impatient. More igital marketers in 2017 will find ways to streamline their content as much as possible. The goal will be to inform and engage people, while presenting the information in a way that does not make them leave the page quickly.

Marketing that is More Personalized

Advancements in advertising have made it easier to target the individual. We expect this trend to continue in 2017 through retargeting and pay-per-click campaigns. It has never been easier to divulge the buying habits and the motivations of the consumer.

More Live Video

It is easier than ever to go live. Today, any company or brand can take their Facebook account and live stream whatever it is they want to promote, and it is working. Crowds are drawing in like never before, giving it a clear future in the industry.

New Methods Through Social Media

Companies are going take advantage of the increasingly immersive nature of social media channels by advertising through them. A prime example of this would be using elements like Geofilters on Snapchat, where users can put a custom image or artist’s rendering over their posts or “snaps” that are specific to the place and time where they are at. Additionally, there are filters that change the user’s appearance or voice that have been sponsored by corporations or promotions in the past. This technique will only continue to become more immersive, creating more opportunities for advertisers.

Viral Marketing

Going “viral” refers to content that gets a considerable amount of engagement. A lot of engagement is what companies depend on. Expect more unconventional methods in their efforts to win the attention of consumers.

Greater Emphasis on Distribution

With readily accessible data to help track trends, digital marketing is becoming more transparent. This allows for more focused campaigns, allowing companies to channel their efforts with their best content, and having it seen by the consumers who are the most likely to convert.

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