We live in a day and age where people perform research before ever setting foot in a brick and mortar store. Through their phone, tablet, or desktop computer, customers are looking to your website for answers, coupons, and services. So the question beauty salon owners need to be asking is: does your salon’s website have the key components to drive customers from the website into your store?

What are the Three Key Components to Successful Salon & Beauty Website Designs?


The first component is website design. A salon website should have just as much personality as those who use it. It needs to be as unique and one of a kind as the patrons who frequent the salon. The website should be an ambassador for your beauty salon. Can customers make appointments, see your services, find your locations, see special promotions, or see featured styles? How are these elements laid out on each page? Is the website serving both your customers and your salon? These are all questions you should be asking yourself as you contemplate a new website design for your store.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization For Your Beauty Salon:


Once you get your design in place the next step is making sure people can find your new site. This can be done using SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). SEO is the art of figuring out which keywords salon customers most frequently use and making sure your website ranks high for them. This seems to be the portion that most “do it yourself” website builders tend to miss. Many websites are built by companies that let the user choose a template and then plug in their own pictures and content. Problem is, nobody can find the website because the people designing their own sites are not web developers.

Search engines analyze critical data on your website such as your geographical location, meta tag data, website crawl speed, inbound links and your use of keywords. If your salon website is properly optimized, you will experience an increased flow of qualified visitors. Just like becoming a skilled stylist, SEO is a skill learned through experience. It takes time, practice and discipline.

In The Example Below, There are Three Different Search Queries That a User May Use:

– “Cheapest hair salon”
– “Best beauty and hair salon”
– “Local hair salon”

Which one would you like your salon’s website to show up for? The answer is: whichever one fits your business best, but you wont show up for any unless you take the necessary steps to build your salon and beauty website the right way using SEO best practices.

Is Your Salon or Beauty Website Turning Visitors into Customers?


Another overlooked component of many websites is CONVERSION. The ultimate goal of any website should be to drive more business. What do people do when they show up to your salon’s website? They most likely are doing whatever your website is telling them to do. Is there a strong call-to-action button prompting them to make an appointment or give you a call? Is there a printable coupon they can bring in? Is the information on each page designed to achieve a specific goal? If not, it certainly should be and you certainly don’t want to use all those tactics on one page because it can be very confusing for the visitor.

Many salon owners throw up a bunch of information about products and new styles but is this achieving the main goal of your business? Does it get people to shop with you and come into your store? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when you think about the conversion component of your beauty Salon’s website.

Design a Website, Drive Traffic and Convert Traffic into Customers.

Your beauty salon website should act as an additional employee for your business. It should provide customers with information and direction. It should make life easier for not only your customers but your business as well. It should be designed well, rank high for the right keywords to drive traffic, and than display the information correctly in order to convert the visitors into customers. If your current website isn’t doing these things it may be time to upgrade. There is a science to building an effective website. Do your homework and give serious consideration into evaluating how effective your website currently is.

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