In the fast-paced, technology-based world that we live in, reliance upon the Internet is a daily and a common occurrence, whether it entails users searching for an address, a phone number or for information about a particular business or service. When individuals are in need of a legal professional, the Internet is one of the very first places they may turn.
When it comes to the success of your law firm website, these three key factors will help you stand out from your competitors:
1.) Web Design
2.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3.) Conversion


Law Firm Web Design

A good legal website design will have the ability to initially draw potential customers in by utilizing correct keywords and search engine optimization. A strong law firm website design will keep potential customers engaged and on their page by utilizing outstanding graphic design, simple navigation and the power of the first impression to develop trust and entice the visitor to view all of the site’s content.
A powerful legal website design includes a landing page or a home page that compels the visitor to stay on your site but does not overwhelm them with too many details or too much text. By providing succinct summaries of your legal expertise, offering examples that build the trust of the visitor, and applying conversion tactics to encourage the visitor to contact your law firm, your website will be ready for long-term performance and optimal results.
Proper law firm website design will not only allow you to demonstrate your general legal expertise; it will permit you to exhibit your specific legal services. You can do this by creating an easily navigable website that features landing pages dedicated to specific areas of your legal expertise. (Note: you should mention those areas on your homepage as well).
“Establishing trust and credibility – especially in the legal profession – is incredibly important and your law firm website design should be able to convey your expertise and experience quickly,” said Thomas Beedem of the Beedem Personal Injury Law Office. “You can attain trust by highlighting important cases that you have worked on as well as displaying your legal associations, legal accreditations, professional memberships and any awards or accolades that you have received as an attorneys.”

Benefits of SEO for Law Firms:

Competition within the legal field is very aggressive. In fact, in the United States alone, there are roughly six million searches lawyers every month.
When considering the exceptionally niche consumers that are seeking legal services, search engine optimization (SEO) becomes critically important when it comes to standing out from your competitors in the legal field.
Search engines analyze critical data on your website such as your geographical location, meta tag data and your use of keywords. If your law firm website is properly optimized, you will experience an increased flow of qualified leads. This will result in gaining new clients.
Website navigation is also very important to attain high SEO. For example, you may have a section for personal injury cases. In this case, you could highlight – or sub-categorize – different forms of litigation that your legal firm has worked on within that niche, such as auto-accidents, injuries, medical malpractice, etc.

Law Firm Website Conversion

The ultimate goal of your legal website is conversion. This refers to the processes by which you gather information about potential clients and convince them to contact your law firm for more information on the legal services you offer.
Law firm websites with the highest conversion rates include the following conversion tactics:
Engagement. Strong yet simple website design will keep your visitors engaged and entice them to contact you. It should be easy to locate your contact information on your website. You should consider placing calls to action on every page that are not too flashy or distracting, but that offer simple ways to email or call your law firm.
An offer of free legal case evaluations. By offering free, no-hassle case reviews for potential clients, you will gain their appreciation and will encourage them to reach out to you.
Live online legal advice. By offering web chat services that allow visitors to contact you with generic legal questions in real-time, you are far more likely to increase customer conversion. Make sure that you are not too “pushy” as this might result in potential clients moving away from your website. You should employ a friendly, knowledgeable and professional tone that establishes trust and legal expertise.
In this digitally driven age, website design and search engine optimization (SEO) are key components to successful marketing & integrated marketing for all businesses. When considering the exceptionally niche consumers that are seeking legal services, SEO becomes critically important.
In addition to positioning your law firm at the top of search engines, proper website design and SEO services should also generate a steady stream of organic traffic to your site. When potential clients search the web for legal services, our marketing firm analyzes critical data such as geographical location, meta tag data and keyword searches to provide you with highly qualified leads that result in gaining new clients.