If you wish to give your business an additional amount of exposure, then Internet marketing is the way to go. Although you might have to shell out a chunky amount of money to place ads and target them as per your central audience, in comparison, this amount will total to a lot lesser than what you would have had to pay using traditional media advertising.

When it comes to excelling at Internet marketing, paid advertisements can do wonders for your small business. That is not to say that free means of promotion will be ineffective. However, when you make use of free techniques to promote your business, although they do tend to be successful, their effect isn’t as profound as paid advertisements. Pay per click – which is also abbreviated as PPC – ads on social media websites like Facebook are popular and yield results.

Below are some reasons why you, as the owner of a small business organization, should consider using PPC and social media paid ads in order to create a successful overall Internet marketing campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Essentially, Pay Per Click works just like its name; the advertiser or the small business owner must pay only when a user clicks on a particular ad that has been posted by him. It is a very straightforward method to push traffic to your website by narrowing down the target audience to a particular geographical region that is most likely to be receptive to the ad. Here is why you should invest in PPC ads:

The advertisements are viewed instantly. One of the best reasons why you must contemplate using PPC is the simple fact that the advertisement begins to show as soon as you have made the ad copy and published it. It will begin to show when a user types in the relevant keywords, thus eliminating the slow process it takes to show the results of organic SEO. Therefore, paid advertisements as part of your Internet marketing strategy can give you results instantly and that helps in boosting the possibility of increased sales and conversion rates.

Budgeting is easy. Paid advertisements like PPC enable you to monitor the progress of your campaign and then adjust the budget accordingly, making it extremely flexible for a small business owner to use and plan out his budget at every step of the Internet marketing campaign. If you decide to place ads aggressively to attract more customers, you can increase your budget or vice versa. Usually, when the customers increase, the advertisers go easy on the ads and bring down the budget to make sure that they don’t overdo it.

You can target the audience that you want to direct your ads to. You can do a thorough keyword research and even bring about variations in them so that your ads are directed to a specific set of audience that is most likely to respond to your ads in the positive. Therefore, PPC enables you to filter out the audience and direct only those visitors who will work for your business in terms of the conversions rates.

Social media advertising:

Social media has become an indispensable part of human life. Facebook, being the ever-so-popular social networking site, is seen by advertisers as one of the best places to attract potential customers to your website. This is because you get to place an ad efficiently along the sidebar of the Facebook news feed and this can help target the right audience at the right time. Below are more reasons why placing ads on Facebook and other social media networks can be beneficial for you.

You can include images for advertisements. When it comes to Facebook, you can get extremely creative in terms of coming up with interesting visuals for your advertisements at a fraction of the price that you would otherwise have to pay if you used traditional media for advertising. This makes the ad creation process on social media websites an extremely flexible one. You can also add a detailed description as part of the caption for said image thanks to the possibility of including additional characters for this purpose.

You will easily generate a solid customer loyalty base. Essentially, when you are using Facebook as a means to direct traffic to your website with the help of paid advertisements, you can also make sure that your current customers get added to your official Facebook Fan page so that they get regular updates of the deals and discounts or any new additions that you make to your line of products. You may not realize it but such a fan page is an excellent medium to connect with your customers which helps strengthen the brand loyalty for your business and at the same time helps develop a distinct brand identity and image for your business.

Paid ads on Facebook can be viewed several times thus helping in message retention. The fact that your Facebook ads are always available for viewership induces more engagement and eventually greater retention in the minds of the audiences. Therefore, the chances of a potential customer getting converted into an actual customer increases rapidly.

Internet marketing via paid ads is an excellent way for small businesses to get the word out and spread awareness about their existence. It is through paid ads that you can make sure that the audiences get to know you as one of the best in the category of products or services that they are on the lookout for.