Google has been keeping marketers on the edge of their seats this year. Last month they had to assure users they did not need an active AdWords account to use Keyword Planner. This came after users started receiving a pop-up message back in June. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have plans of stopping. Search Engine Land recently confirmed that Google limits Keyword Planner data results for low-spending Adwords accounts. What does this mean? Basically if you have an AdWords account but do not spend a lot of money on your campaigns, Google limits the data provided by Keyword Planner. But how?

Google Limits Keyword Planner Data for Low Spending Adwords

Ranged Data

Last week marketers noticed data in Google’s Keyword Planner was displayed in a numerical range. This was assumed to be a glitch until the company confirmed low-spending AdWords accounts would see less precise data in Keyword Planner. Now instead of exact search volume metrics, users will see a more approximate range. For example, some users saw data displayed in a range of 100K-1M. Despite what Google stated previously, it now appears you do need to have an active campaign in order to get any real use out of Keyword Planner.

Lower Monthly Spend

Google has stated that “most” advertisers’ Keyword Planner results will not be changed at all. Those with a “lower monthly spend”, however, will be seriously affected. Advertisers that are considered ‘small’ or ‘no-spend’ will see ranges like the one previously referenced. The official list of ranges is as follows:

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These metrics are not only wide, but vague. Users with low-spending accounts will therefore find the tool completely useless. Conducting too many searches is also a way to see data displayed as a range instead of a precise number.