First announced last May, Google is finally releasing its specialized mobile search ads for automotive manufacturers and dealerships. That means that eligible advertisers in the United States now have access to Model Automotive ads and Dealer Automotive ads. Searches for automotive makes and models will now feature Model Automotive ads provided by OEM (original equipment manufacturer) automotive advertisers. These ads feature performance details regarding the vehicles, links to the manufacturer’s website,  large-format images of the vehicles and other nearby dealers, plus other information.

Google Launches Giant Mobile Search Ads for Automakers in the US

Proof in Numbers

According to Google, engagement rates on Model Automotive ads are, on average, 30 percent higher when compared with standard text ads. That said, major automotive hubs like Ford and Toyota, who are currently running the new ad formats, have seen even better results. Dionne Colvin-Lovely, director of traditional and new media for Toyota Motor Sales, reported to Google that across their core line of car models, the company has seen a 45 percent increase in conversion events and a 30 percent decrease in CPA over standard text ads.

Dealer Automotive Ad Features

The new Dealer Automotive ads by Google are available to franchise. They include the dealership location, directions to the dealership and a click-to-call button for nearby dealerships. They appear at the very top of the search results and may also integrate with the Model Automotive ads that can be accessed from the ‘Dealers’ tab in the ads.

This will be a great enhancement to businesses looking to utilize Pay Per Click advertising, as it will be able to give a greater focus to the attention of the buyers, and further entice them through potential re-targeting ads.

Going Mobile

According to Google, half of automotive searches that are conducted on Google are now happening on smart phones. Automotive searches on mobile devices are already up 51 percent from last year. More specifically, image searches for car and truck brands and searches for ‘car dealerships near me’ have gone up by 37 percent and 50 percent from last year. 80 percent of those search spikes occurred on mobile devices.

Web users are now relying on their smart phones and mobile devices for much more than simply navigating their way to the coffee shop and looking for deals on Groupon. As users continue to rely on mobile-based searches, SEO and online marketers will come to depend upon these ads to acquire new leads and customers.

If your company is affected by these changes, it may be time to get your team together to see how your online business can grow organically. You can do this by posting original content. A blog is never a bad idea.

However, if you can afford to amplify your spending, you should. It goes back to the old adage, you have to spend money to make money. As long as you have an adequate strategy, you’ll yield the results your looking for.