There are so many things to think about when building or remodeling a home that it is easy to get overwhelmed and to overlook small but important details. The same is true for home builders and remodeling professionals when they decide it is time to build or revamp their website.

Home Building Design vs. Website Design

When it comes to website design, home and remolding websites must reflect the kind of service the customers are going to get. It is important that your company’s website is designed with a purpose. Your website is a brochure for your business so you want to show off the products and services that you provide while also prompting the visitor to reach out and inquiry about services. The design of your website is often your best chance to provide a great first impression to visitors.

Getting the RIGHT Traffic to Your Remodeling Website

Are the right people finding your business’s website? People use many different phrases and keywords to search for products and services. The art of search engine optimization (SEO) is being able to make websites rank high in the search engines for the specific keywords.

An example might be someone searching for “home remodeler company reviews” and another person searching for “Hiring a home remodeler”. The first person is probably still in the research stage. They are looking for information and are higher in the sales funnel. The second person is most likely a little further along the sales process and is more likely to pull the trigger on actually hiring a home builder or remodeler. Is your current home building or remodeling website optimized to take advantage of all the different type of ways people can search for your services?

Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

When someone stops by your website…

• Is it clear how they should proceed? …This is often an overlooked aspect of website design. The ultimate goal of any home or remodeling website is to educate consumers and drive leads to your business.

• Does each page have a strong call-to-action?

• Can you buy products or services directly from the website?

• Are there coupons or promo offers that create a compelling reason for the customer to choose your remodeling company over another?

• Is the information on each page presented in a clear concise way that makes it easy to understand what the customer’s next steps should be?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself through the website design and SEO process. You need to steer your customers in the right direction. Each section of your website needs to have clear directions on how the visitor should interact with the site. An effective website should guide customers down the sales funnel. After all, the ultimate goal of your small business website should be to help drive more business.

Three Steps: Design a Website, Drive Traffic & Convert Traffic Into Customers

When you use the three main components mentioned above your small business will sooner begin to grow and function in ways you never imagined.

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