Not all marketing writers are created equal. According to entrepreneurial storyteller, Gary Vaynerchuk, having a top shelf content writer is critical to the survival of a company. In his best selling book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, he writes that excellent marketing writers help give people a reason to click on your website or blog in order to learn more about you. He indicated at if one becomes a source that people can trust to provide great content, it will help them to elevate their brand.


In writing about symbol and image rich sites like Pinterest, he writes that people love symbols, displays and content that sometimes silently discloses. Vaynerchuk also writes that integration of content is important, so that all social media sites promote the brand in similar ways. In addition, he sells the idea of user-centric content. One other excellent point he makes in his book is that even descriptions, such as on Pinterest, need to be written with the audience in mind first and SEO in second place.


Two other writers concur with the notion that great marketing copy is king. Marketing experts Christine Martinez and Barbara Boyd have shared that, if necessary, a company should hire an experienced content writer and pinner. They referred to such writing pros as “curators of content.”


They also use the term “influencer” to describe those brands who use marketing writing as a way to give meritorious industry knowledge to customers and followers. The duo also write that if people find content valid and informative, they will return for more of the same and recommend such sites to others.


Other notable points about marketing writers include:
• Excellent content enables people to connect emotionally
• Sometimes a variety of writers can help to produce the type of content a brand needs
• It should be easy for people to find the ideas and information
• The content should always offer something of value