A good website is the basis of achieving success online. A professionally designed website will continue to benefit you long after it is launched. It will help improve your search engine ranking, conversion, customer engagement, and more. A great website will put your business ahead of the competition. Below are five fundamental elements that every good website should have:

1. Purpose

A website with purpose is a successful website. Every website should be created with the need(s) of its users in mind. It should be immediately obvious whether your website is intended to inform, entertain or sell goods or services. Making sure that every page has a clear, distinct purpose. This will help eliminate clutter and make your website easier to understand and user-friendly.

2. Graphics

Graphics are essential to every website. Not only do graphics communicate information in a fun and easy way, but they are more memorable than simple copy and they can leave a lasting impression. Videos and infographics are more engaging than text, so it is more likely that customers will actually view them. In addition, they have a stronger opportunity to become viral.

3. Branding

A website should be more than just a place to inform or sell. It should reflect your business or brand. Giving a website a “personality” will help distinguish it from the competition and make it easier for consumers to remember. With the huge variety of companies to choose from, today’s consumers want to use a business that they can relate to and that reflects the qualities they are searching for. Use fun colors and fonts (in moderation, of course) to help give your website a personality that reflects your brand and promotes your unique message.

4. Responsive to mobile devices

To boost your website popularity, develop a mobile-friendly website. The vastness of the online marketplace makes it incredibly cutthroat and competitive. If someone using a smartphone or tablet visits your website, it should be easier to read and navigate through. An increasing number of websites are adopting mobile responsive websites because it will be a major competitive factor in the future.

5. Navigation

How easy is it to find the information you need on your website? Good websites have logical, hierarchical navigation so that consumers can use them with ease and get the best experience possible. Most users will exit – or bounce – to visit a competitor’s site if they cannot find what they are looking for within three clicks on yours.

Website design can be a challenge, check out some of our work if you need inspiration, or contact us for help.