A great looking website is critical to businesses and brands in today’s technology driven society. Your website instantly translates your professional image to potential customers across the globe. While a beautifully designed website is something that most business owners desire, perhaps the most crucial element of your website is to convert visitors to paying customers. Read on to discover how to get conversions using the online sales process.

There are some key marketing and design elements to have in place on your website to drive your product from the eye of potential customers into their shopping cart.

Images: In The Eye of The Beholder

It is an agreed industry standard that you have about eight seconds to compel a visitor to stay on your website once they land there. Selecting high-impact images that are also relevant to your organization or product are the first way to engage people browsing your website and keep them interested.

Make sure you are using photos that are not too cliche, or else you could risk your website being lost in the crowd. While stock photos offer a bevy of solutions to website designers, there is also the downside in that there’s a very good chance that the same image has been used elsewhere for a competing product or company. It is sometime worth the investment to purchase some photos or images that are for your use only.

When it comes to graphics on your website, make sure you aren’t using too many, and that those graphics are clean and make sense on the page. An optimal use of how graphics on your website can help convert sales is to incorporate them in shapes with directions, like an arrow pointing next to copy that says, “Click here to sign up for our newsletter.”

A simple, clean and concise web design will always lend to a better-looking and more engaging website, which is proven to lead to conversions.

Sales 101: Four Stages Of The Sales Process

Despite the rapidly changing world of technology, a particular sales and marketing acronym, AIDA, is relevant to create successful sales conversions on your website.

AIDA represents the four stages of the sales process:

  • Attention. You have a couple of seconds to gain the attention of a visitor to your website.
  • Interest. Once you gain their attention, you need to keep it by piquing their interest. How can your company or product help the potential customer?
  • Desire. Once they are interested, you need to make them want to purchase your product. What benefits does your product or service offer?
  • Action. Having been convinced of your products value, your website customer decides to act and purchases your product.

Incorporating relevant and compelling copy with the AIDA method on your website is a crucial part of increasing your conversions. It’s vital to have a clean website design, and it is just as important that the copy on your website be polished, clear and contains calls to action to help the potential customer quickly determine that they need to have your product.

Time Is Priceless: How to Produce Quick Conversions

One of the primary reasons that consumers turn to the Internet for shopping is that it offers them the benefit of spending less time in lines, searching for products that they may or may not want. Your website needs to be designed to make the conversion and sales process as quick as possible.

Depending on your call to action, you need to make sure that your conversion is as seamless as it can be. Pay attention to the check-out process on your website and assure that it is as simple as it can be by offering auto-fill prompts for shipping and delivery, as well as not forcing customers to register as a user on your website to be allowed to buy your product.

If you are hoping to convert website visitors to lead generation, do not ask for too much information. An individual is apt to be hesitant to enter in too much personal information, but is inclined to enter simple information like an email address. Make sure you have a system in place on your website to instantly make contact with people who do register their information on your website.

These are just a couple of ways that a good website design and online marketing plan can boost your sales and conversions, and thereby your bottom line for your business.

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