Apple is one of the leading corporations in the world and is continuing to grow with people all across the globe buying their products. Apple is known for selling electronic devices including computers, tablets, phones, etc. While the Iphone and Ipad were incredibly sought after items for all of 2013, and especially the holiday season, Apple’s digital marketplace has experienced record sales throughout 2013. The App store in 2013 generated over $10 billion in revenue for the year. According to an Apple press release, the App store had over $1 billion in customer downloads, and 3 billion individual application downloads for the month of December 2013 alone!

Some of the apps that were most popular in 2013 included Temple Run 2, Venmo, Vine, Over, and Proust. These popular apps aided in the huge amount of sales across the world. People buy apps for a number of different reasons. Games and social media apps were among the most downloaded, but business and technology apps were very popular as well.

2013 was a year of record growth for the mobile application market, and 2014 is looking to be an even bigger year for all kinds of applications. Apps are becoming more prevalent for the desktop computer with the increasing adoption of Windows 8, and the tablet and smartphone market continues to grow at a high rate. It is important for your business to consider creating a mobile application for the new year, here are just a few of the benefits you will see from these important technology tools:

Better Conversion Rates: A mobile application is a much more interactive experience than a traditional website or even a mobile website. Applications get your customer to interact elusively with your brand while they are using your app, and this increases your chance for a conversion.

A new medium: Reaching customers using tablets or smartphones can be difficult without the aid of a mobile app. The mobile web is a good place to reach consumers, but reaching them via the highly visited app store can be a great way to find a new customer base.

Enhanced Interaction: Mobile apps help you to interact with your customers in different ways. Company-sponsored games, product simulators, and virtual tours of a business, can all help to enhance the interaction with your customers.

The outlook for mobile applications is great in 2014. Look at creating an

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