Being able to adapt organically is necessary for survival and success.  This is true in nature, education, business, sports, and digital conversion.  This is why Suzuki is making strides to become the first mainstream automotive brand, in the UK, to have a fully responsive and adaptive online presence.  This will be a convenient addition for the company, as customers will be able to research, browse, and eventually buy a product on their Smartphone’s or portable tablets.

Dale Wyatt, Suzuki GB’s sales and marketing director, believes this new mindset will help Suzuki become digital champions. Wyatt explained, “We’re investing a lot of money to make sure we’ve got a responsive website, which we don’t believe anyone in automotive yet has”. The new responsive website design will go live sometime in September.

Even though the digital strategy is in full swing, Wyatt said there is a challenge for the dealers—personalizing the online process. “One of the problems of digital is that it creates a lot of activity and it’s really difficult to respond to every click in a bespoke way. Bigger brands respond through automation and I see an opportunity to take that and personalize it to make the customer feel looked after,” Wyatt commented.

This challenge will be met by creating an automated response to customer emails. The follow-up email will be sent within an hour.  Wyatt believes this strategy will benefit Suzuki, and their customers, as he feels customers should decide when to exit the digital world and enter the physical one.  This thought shows that digital content should not drive the customer away, unless they choose to organically.  This idea has worked for Suzuki dealers’ email capture rates, which have grown from 4% to 70% over a three-year span.

Digital is Suzuki’s biggest lead provider, and they are seeing online conversion rates grow rapidly. Therefore, Suzuki will continue to grow digitally and plan to wipe out their competitors with their new online strategy.

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