Social media has come a long way from MySpace pages and the occasional status update. Social media is now widely considered one of the most important pillars of SEO and online business promotion. Even if social media does not directly contribute to putting you on page one of the search engines, active social media accounts signal that you are popular among customers. This will cause other users, and search engines, to begin taking notice. Here are five tips to help you engage with your customers on social media.

1. Share on a regular schedule: It is important that you remain fresh in your potential customer’s minds as often as possible. You need to post interesting content on a regular basis in order to drive interaction and catch the attention of your next clients.

2. Don’t always toot your own horn: Sharing your own news and updates is an important aspect of social media, but it should not be your only goal. You should share industry news, and other interesting tidbits that do not only serve as an advertisement.

3. Get genuine interaction: It is possible to use some unethical techniques in order to buy follows, retweets, reviews, and other social signals that might help to promote your company. This practice is becoming more difficult and it can end up actually getting you penalized on certain websites. Google will remove fake reviews and can up suspending or deleting pages that have been using unscrupulous methods.

4. Use all of the mediums: Focus on creating a diverse social media profile list. You need to be active on the biggest platforms and also on smaller niche sites that can drive traffic and revenue to your website. There are new social media websites emerging all of the time. Make sure that your organization is on top of the newest social media trends.

5. Do not create a ghost town: If you create too many social media profiles, it can end up being worse than not having them at all. You need to make sure that you have manageable number of accounts that you can update on a regular basis. Create a regular posting schedule and make your business successful on social media today!

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