It is a known fact in the SEO community that effective content marketing is very important to make sure that SEO strategies developed by your business are strengthened. You may not realize it, but good content marketing not only helps improve your SEO strategies but it also enables your official web pages to rank higher in the results page of search engines like Google and Bing. There are several factors in content marketing and these include eBooks, blog articles, videos, downloads and many more. To put it simply, these aforementioned content marketing elements, when done right, can significantly boost your SEO strategy.

When you do develop content for any business’s website, it needs to be done with care and keeping in mind different factors that can affect not just the quantity but also the quality, which plays a massive role. If you have the same static web pages that boast of about 300 words of content, the keywords of which are poorly researched, the results will be less than inspiring with the search engines making absolutely no effort to have your website listed at the top. This, in turn, leads to a very poor impact of content marketing on SEO.

On the contrary, it is a proven fact that when a company makes an effort to publish valuable blog posts at least 15 times in a month, their traffic will most likely experience a spike in traffic that is nearly five times as larger than what was experienced in the previous month. Therefore, an increasing number of businesses will spend nearly a quarter of their total budget on content marketing activities by creating and delivering top quality content to the masses.

Listed below are a few of the many ways in which good content marketing efforts can help strengthen the SEO tactics of any business:

Word count matters in your content marketing strategy. Many people find themselves in heated arguments on whether content marketing will be most effective when content is short or long. Ideally, the answer to this question goes both ways. Both short content as well as long content tends to attract two different types of people and based on what you are trying to achieve for your business, you will be in a better position to tell which works best.

Short content offers a small and prevents companies from giving out too much information on the concerned product or service in question. Therefore, if you are involved in businesses that deal in products or services that do not have a very high value, this method could work in your favor and vice versa. It should also be noted that if you are trying to retain your customers and increase conversion rates for the long term, then you must certainly consider increasing the word count of your content and make it as informative and enriched with valuable information as you possibly can. With the recent changes in the Google Algorithms, you cannot get away with manipulative use of keywords just to rank higher. Doing so can permanently transfer your website to Google’s blacklist.

Inbound links and content marketing go hand in hand. The key to strengthening your business’s SEO with the help of content marketing is to ensure that you get your very own share of inbound links. Essentially, the rule of thumb is to make sure that important websites in your niche include links to your URL that will eventually cause an influx of traffic to your website. When several such high quality websites include a link to your website, not only is there a sudden boost in traffic, but your search engine rankings also improve immensely. This gives Google the impression that your website is, in fact, worthy and informative and deserves a place in the top results page.

With a content marketing strategy, it is important to incorporate good quality inbound links into eBooks, blogs, email campaigns, articles and the likes and all of this is only possible when you make an effort to create high quality content.

Keep blogging. One of the best ways to ensure that your content marketing strategy is working in favor of your SEO efforts is by blogging regularly and being as informative as you possibly can. You may not realize it, but blogging on a regular basis can bring about a spike in your traffic, thus increasing the possibility of increased conversion rates. When a particular blog keeps refreshing its pages with new, valuable content of the greatest quality, Google recognizes it as important and it has a better chance of appearing when users search for something it relates to. In other words, Google tends to give more preference to these blogs by showing them more often on the search engine results page. Therefore, if regular blogging forms a part of your content marketing strategy, the results will lead to higher conversion rates as a result of its corresponding impact on SEO.

Content marketing makes use of efficient keyword research. For any content marketing strategy to be effective, it is important to pay attention to the keywords that you choose to use. Essentially, in order to boost an SEO strategy for businesses by way of content marketing, it is important to do a thorough research of the keywords that you are likely to use. Keyword research is important in the sense that it tells you exactly what kind of keywords are getting more preference over the Internet. Based on this information, when you select the right set of keywords as part of your content marketing strategy, you automatically increase your chances of attracting the right audiences to your site (which will improve you conversion).

Considering the number of digital portals that are available today, content marketing is extremely important in today’s age. The power of content marketing to build a strong SEO backbone should never be underestimated.

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