What is search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting? SEO copywriting is a reasonably simple process that involves writing copy that can help your website rank well in major search engines like Google.
Proper SEO copywriting can be enormously effective in regards to your online visibility. Your landing page copy and blog articles not only offer useful information for your readers; strong copy gives you the opportunity to build your reputation within your industry or community. Why? If your copy is intriguing, more users will link to your site. If your writing is truly impressive, influential bloggers might allow you – or even ask you – to contribute to their website. In addition, the more copy you add to your site, the more keywords you can rank for.
Along with writing quality copy for your readers, there is another factor to consider when you plan your SEO copywriting strategy. In order to quickly improve your search engine status, you must learn to write for search.

To appeal to both your human audience and the major search
engines, we recommend following the seven SEO copywriting strategies below.

If you are targeting a specific keyword, use it in your page title. Do you run a Dallas, Texas tree service company that specializes in emergency tree removal? If so, make sure that you use your keyword in the title tag. In addition, because you offer your services in Texas, it is important that you include the location in which you serve within the title.
If your company offers emergency tree removal services in Dallas, Texas, potential title tags could include:

• Dallas TX Emergency Tree Removal Service | Company Name
• Emergency Tree Removal – Dallas TX | Company Name
• Emergency Tree Removal Company Dallas TX | Company Name

Keep your title tag short. The optimal title tag length is between 50-60 characters. Using more characters means that your title tag will not display appropriately on Google search.

Include at least 300 words per page. Google may not promote your site if you do not offer some substance. In order to be viewed as relevant by search engines, make sure that your landing pages include a minimum of 300 words.
Avoid “advertising” copy. Steer clear of writing in a sales-like tone. Provide information about your product, your service or what makes you distinctive instead. Your readers should get a sense of your personality through your copy. The more information you provide, the more you will gain their trust.
Manage your keyword density. Within your site’s body copy, it is important that you avoid stuffing your keywords. This ancient SEO tactic worked in the past. Today, it can earn you a penalty.
SEO Copywriting
To improve the rank of your Dallas emergency removal company, we recommend including the phrase “emergency tree removal” 1-2 times out of every 100 words.
Answer as many questions as possible. Doing this will not only allow your visitors to learn everything they want to know about your company; it will greatly improve your chance of ranking on search. Why? Users search for questions when they are seeking a service.
In regards to your emergency tree removal business, you could answer questions such as: “how much does tree removal cost?” You could create a frequently asked questions page or, better yet, make a page for each question / answer. This way, you can offer detailed answers and rank above the competition when a user asks that question on Google.
Avoid duplicate copy. Although Google has denied that there is a specific duplicate content “penalty,” there is undeniably an association between the overuse of duplicate copy and a reduction in your search engine visibility. If your website is completely made up of republished posts and articles, there is a very low chance that you will rank well in search. Why? By solely using others’ content, you are not offering anything unique. You are not giving Google a reason to promote you.
Include catchy meta descriptions. In 160 characters, tell your potential clients as much as you can about your company. Do so in an appealing way. Consider the use of an exclamation point or action words to entice search engine users to click on your website.

Set up an effective link strategy. Links to related websites within your copy will reinforce your subject matter and provide addition resources to your site’s visitors. Search engines value websites that link to quality resources.
Additionally, make sure that you set up internal links as well. This allows your visitors to easily discover more information within your site and it helps search engines crawl your pages.

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