A well-designed website will increase business. Much in the same way that web design mistakes will have a negative impact on business growth. Here are some common web design mistakes to avoid when you’re working on your business’s website.

There is a lack of focus. Many websites leave their visitors wondering what their site is about. Make sure that your home page conveys what you do and what you can offer a potential customer. It’s important this text entices them to explore other pages on the website for additional information.

You have too much text. A good amount of text is ok, but lengthy paragraphs without any visuals gets old and fast. Use short, focused paragraphs to keep the visitor reading. Headlines and subheads or even bullet lists keep one’s eyes continuing down a page to the important call to action at the end of each web page on your website.

There are visual blunders. Too light or dark of font can be difficult on the eye. Use common sense when it comes to size, color and specific font types.

There are navigational problems. A navigation panel should make sense and work properly. This can drive customers away from your page if they cannot access the pages they require for more information on a business and their services or products.

You have outdated information. Nothing is more unprofessional then outdated information. Updated information is key to gaining continuous clientele for your business.

You do not provide contact information. You should make it easy for people to contact you. They shouldn’t be searching your website for a place to contact you. Just because a website is online doesn’t mean a prospect only wants to communicate that way.

Ultimately all of these web design mistakes can drive visitors from your website costing you clientele. By taking time to develop a comprehensive and informative website you increase your odds of gaining new customers time and time again.

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