The primary landing page of your website is your home page. This page is usually the first impression of your business or organization that users have. In order to attain successful conversion optimization – also known as conversion rate optimization (CRO) – best practices dictate that you have a strong and effective landing page.

Just as each business and organization has unique qualities, so does an effective landing page. Results that might lead to high conversion rates for some businesses might not work at all for yours. You need to understand the demographics and data of your audience to assure successful and lasting conversion optimization.

There are a few primary elements that are considered the gold standard when it comes to creating an effective landing page for your business, which include:

A clear call to action (CTA): Be sure that you have a clear goal in mind for your website, whether that be generating a sale, having someone sign up for a newsletter, or collecting user data like email addresses or other contact information.

A powerful and streamlined message: The average website visitor allows approximately five seconds before deciding whether to stay on your page or to exit. Your copy and images should be as refined as possible, immediately delivering a strong and impactful message.

An attention-grabbing headline: Although the Internet has changed how users take in news and information, one item has remained constant: a powerful headline draws readers and visitors in and commands their attention to stay on your website.

Powerful imaging: Make sure that any images or logos that you place on your landing page should be a visual that captivates the visitor and compels them to continue reading and clicking through your website.

Validation points: Consider adding easily viewable product, business or service endorsements. These factors establish a sense of authority, expertise and trust with visitors, compelling them to follow-up on your call to action.

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