The benefit of having digital marketing services, particularly SEO, is finding the subtle issues of a website that hinders its ranking, fails to drive conversions, or fails to drive traffic. However, if your site is condemned by Google for poor quality, additional SEO and PPC efforts won’t take you nearly as far as you could have. Here are some of the factors that Google uses to rate its websites to ensure that your website fits the standard expected for a good site. Once you know it’s up to par, then you can move forward with a concentrated digital marketing effort that will drive your business. Take a look and see if any of these issues may be affecting the performance of your site.

Unnatural Link Structure and Poor Backlinks

For years now, Google has been aware of SERP manipulation that fills sites with spam-filled links that are filled with spam comments. Acquiring backlinks, no matter how malicious they were, used to be a prominent strategy among digital marketers before Google started cracking down on them. Google’s algorithm is only getting stronger at identifying those who still practice this technique, with punishments being detrimental.

Over-Monetization of Content

Google punishes sites harshly if they consider them to be tricking their audience. Google has recently made a push to decrease the performance of web pages that contain excessively monetized affiliate links and ads.

Sites can be punished for this when their advertisements are displayed as the main website content. Also, to ensure a pleasant experience for the user, Google wants to make sure that sites don’t display an excessive ad presence on their sites that are intrusive to the browsing experience.

E-Commerce Issues

Google’s standards require that when a user is purchasing something online that vital information such as return policies, delivery information, and terms of conditions are present on the page for the customer to easily view. Not having these visibly present on your site is an easily punishable offense in the eyes of Google. You also need to make sure that you put forth a genuine effort when putting these terms on your site. The terms need to be specific to your products.


All of these factors that can negatively impact the quality of your site are easily preventable if you make an ongoing effort to constantly sweep through site maintenance. This is something experienced SEO professionals do on a daily basis to deliver optimal rankings, quality backlinks, and a site that’s user friendly on both desktop and mobile. If you haven’t considered these services before, you should strongly consider it.

Article Source: Search Engine Journal


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