When it comes to business, possessing an effective online marketing strategy has become one of the most essential aspects to obtaining success. No longer is owning a website going to fulfill the marketing needs that your business requires. In this day and age, potential customers have to be found through the ever-changing algorithms on search engines, like Google.


It would be terrible to approach the implementation of these strategies without the necessary knowledge. Therefore, you should take a look at some of the common mistakes business’s make that you should try your best to avoid:


Not using social media


If your business has yet to go social, face it, you are way behind. The entire world is now social, sharing, posting and liking are common terms that every business should be familiar with. Once you start using social media, the purpose of all of this will immediately show. Sharing content over sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will prove to search engines that people truly value your content, making your website rank better, which then leads to more traffic and thus more business.


Not having a mobile-friendly website


Nowadays, not possessing a website optimized for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is like not having a handicap accessible office located on the second floor of a building. If it doesn’t let you in, people will not come, which will force you to miss out on a large portion of your potential market. Devices like smartphones are now becoming the most popular form of internet searching and web browsing, pushing businesses to become mobile-friendly. Search engines like Google are even putting a deadline on when you have to be mobile, or else you will drop in rank on search results. Google has made a clear point, stating that if sites are not confirmed as mobile friendly, they will lose out on many search visitors. Take the website mobility test here.


You believe SEO is insignificant


SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, the most important term to your business’s website. Search engines have constantly changing algorithms that they use to rank your website within a keywords search results. If you search flowers on Google, will your flower shop be the first thing on the list? That’s what optimizing your website will do. On Google, web pages are shown with the most relevant ones first, and in order to be relevant, your site needs to include many important online marketing strategies to boost your SEO.


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