Search engine optimization (SEO) is the driving force behind bringing in the traffic that you need to keep your website effective. The use of SEO may have changed over time, but there are still some misconceptions that have remained the same. Some of these include the following:


After you have optimized your page, SEO stops. Many people believe that the completion of on-page optimization is the end of all SEO work. This is untrue and you will endanger the success of your website if you believe this. The SEO work should be ongoing in order to maintain the optimization that you have reached. When you stop making efforts to keep up on your SEO you will see the site traffic slowly decrease and in turn your income from the site will drop off. Keeping the site freshly up to date for your readers is essential in keeping you at the top of the rankings in search engines.


SEO is a one-time expense. Keeping your SEO fresh and up to date is best accomplished with the help of someone that understands how it all works. There is not hard and fast amount that you can expect to pay for your SEO campaign, but you should expect it to be a regular part of your business budget. If you find someone that says they can do it all for you for one flat fee one time only, they are likely leaving something out of the picture.


SEO is not necessary. The face of SEO has changed in the last several years making it important that all SEO is well thought out and real. Some believe that SEO is no longer an effective way to get your website through the rankings. SEO is still the most important way to get your site noticed by search engines and readers bringing in the traffic you need to be successful.


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Performing SEO is crucial and plays a fundamental role in delivering Internet visibility for local and national organizations. If your company website was built to generate conversions from online visitors, SEO is the most imperative element to allow potential clients to find your website.


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